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"Good to find a strong English Ministry...No, its Great! I have visited the UK and wasn't able to locate any strong Christians...my wife found this site tonight surfing the net."
Larry...Florida U.S.A. - 31 May 2002

"An amazingly imformative web site. God Bless the Webmaster."
Judy...Texas, U.S.A. - 9 June 2001

"I want to thank Leslie Gaston and His wife for their prayerful support to me during a very difficult time, may God bless them richly and all those connected to this site."
S.A....Northern Ireland U.K. - 9 June 2001

"A wonderful, inspirational, devotional and well arranged site. I praise and thank God for your ministry through this web. I wish and pray that those who visit this site may attain Salvation. May God bless you and make you more fruitful. Please visit my site often... www.geocities.com/salemvoice."
Bro. Ciniraj Mohamed, Kerala, India - 7 June, 2001

"this is my first visit to the site and i believe it is very informative and a great blessing to me thank you".
T.D. ...Trinidad & Tobago - 8 May 2001

"Leslie, I am awed at the vastness of your website and all you have here. Thanks for inviting me to visit."
L.P. ...Texas, U.S.A. - 26 April 2001

"You have made it so very "living" (with butterflies and everything...), thank you, Many Wishes With Blessings"
M.M. ...Switzerland - 25 April 2001

"hi God bless you The site is looking amazing! love..."
Deb & Phil...Hull, England - 20 April 2001

"May you be blessed in your ministry on the www"
Johanna...deliverance-ministries.org U.S.A. - 22 March 2001

"This is a wonderful site! Bless you in your ministry on the web. "He who winneth souls is wise." Look for and expect the Harvest!"
Diana...Osceola, WI, U.S.A. - 14 March 2001

"Praise God Leslie, Together we will take back the lost children of God that the enemy pulled into his darkness. With our right hand we'll reach in the darkness and with the love of Christ lead them into the light of the King of Kings. All the glory to God for the privilege of being His children."
Carol...S.C., U.S.A. - 1 February 2001

"TRUTH will always prevail forever thereafter..."
KSR... Ajmer, India - 27 December 2000

"Enjoyed your pages very much. God bless you as you continue in your part of His ministry"
dcmin.org... U.S.A. - 19 December 2000

"A lovely site!...Yes, time is short but through Jesus we have found the Power of God & in Him is our safe Hiding Place, & Joy"
Dorothy... Salop, England - 19 December 2000

"I'm impressed! Very interesting to look at, and very interesting content. I am amazed by your cool graphics. Lots to look at."
J M & J G... Gloucestershire England - 13 December 2000

"...I truely enjoyed reading everything. The poems were especially well written... ...God's handwriting is all over your website. Praise God"
Barbara...Arkansas, U.S.A. - 12 December 2000

"...I turn to your sight many times for help. Keep up the wonderful work..."
C & G D... Oregon, U.S.A.- 12 December 2000

S.L... U.S.A.- 13 October 2000

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