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Insurance write-off?
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Planet Earth - An Insurance Write-Off?

Even for serious Bible scholars who have taken the time to study the ...more sure word of prophecy and are familiar with the events more generically referred to as the Apocalypse; the obvious concentration of calamity & catastrophe & woes, which make up the event known as the Tribulation Period, makes it difficult to fully comprehend the enormity and scale of the impact on the planet and human life. Even many within the ministry of the Church are loathe to admit to anything more than a period of disruption and chaos, whilst there are others who see the events as so calamitous that they can lean towards an end of the world mentality. Clearly life will continue albeit in a radically different way in the Real Millennium. However in order to achieve this age of peace, all things that offend, (pornographic, violent & blasphemous material), must be destroyed, so effectively the planet will for all intents and purposes become an Insurance Write-Off!

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Page Title: Planet Earth - An Insurance Write-Off?
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