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It's NOT the End of the World!

This please comprehend,
that this world shall never end,
Jesus shall descend!

Throughout history, and particularly in recent times, there has been an inherent tendency, among certain fringe elements, various cults, as well as those within christendom, to deliver what can best be described as the end of the world is nigh message. These self styled prophets of doom & gloom often indulge in the unwise practice of date-setting only to be ultimately proven wrong. Then going on to suffer the ridicule which justifiably must surely follow, as their prognostications come to naught.

This sadly can discredit the Christian faith, bringing it into disrepute!

The Authorised, King James Version of the Bible, generally regarded as the fundamental and most reliable translation, contributes to this end of the world mentality due to the translation of the word aeon, a word meaning age, (a measure of time), yet being translated World, in Matthew 13:39; 40; 49; 24:3 & Hebrews 9:26. (The NIV version, for example, translates as age). This of course comes into conflict with such scriptures as Isaiah 45:17; Ephesians 3:21; world without end, & Ecclesiastes 1:4; the earth abideth forever. Looking even further ahead, prophecy says there will ultimately be a New Earth, (as well as a New Heaven), Isaiah 65:17; 66:22; 2 Peter 3:13; Revelation 21:1. Even if scholars can agree, therefore, that the world is not actually going to end, there are still many unfulfilled prophecies needing to be addressed.
Prophecies found throughout scripture still give clear indications of major upheavals and calamities to come, through the Great Tribulation etc., prior to the Blessed Hope.

Remembering that we have available to us through Scripture the source of...

The gospel, first and foremost, is Good News!
It is a message that demands a specific response from the hearer to either accept or reject the Truth! Scripture blesses the reader with wisdom, understanding & knowledge & the three graces of Faith, Hope & Love.

The reference to future insights includes the many prophecies related to the still future period of judgment, or vengeance & retribution. This period generally referred to as the Great Tribulation is directed specifically toward those who choose to willfully reject the gospel message, living lawless lives. Those whose lifestyles, often unwittingly, are contributing to the moral landslide of society into the abyss, bringing the entire future of the human race into jeopardy. This has come about largely due to the activities of an interfering Devil, as well as the rebelliousness & pride of man. The remedy, a period of judgment, comes about as an act of LOVE by an intervening God toward his Covenant people. Just as the Great Tribulation, with the preceding Signs of the Times, will occur, so too, great deliverance is provided for those people choosing a covenant relationship with God. Any suggestions of the aforementioned gloom & doom are then effectively dispensed with by this hope!

Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.
Ephesians 3:21

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