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Except the Lord Build the House...
They Labour in Vain that Build it!

Except the Lord build,
you will never be fulfilled,
nor ever be skilled!

Except the Lord Build the House

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What is truth? (John 18:38)

We Are...

Confident in the truth of bible prophecy! Word of God Observing the Signs of the Times! Signs of the Times Contemplating vengeance & judgment!
Sure of rescue from the wrath to come! God is Love! Seeking first the Kingdom of God! The Blessed Hope Watching in Prayer for a Blessed Hope!

Are you...

Trying to make sense of mankindís presently perplexing predicament? Nuts & Bolts Seeking understanding of the nuts & bolts of what makes this world tick? Nuts & Bolts Tired and fed-up of misinformation and crackpot conspiracy theorists?

In short...
Reality could be summed up as follows:

Cogs in Motion

Which includes...

Cogs in Motion

Except the Lord Build the House...Psalm 127:1
Embraces All of the crucial elements related to mankindís existence & survival.

Into whose hands do you place your future & eternal destiny?
Who do you rely upon & trust for security & provisions?

Choice: Either follow a fallible man,......join the blind leading the blind!
Or follow a Loving, Wise, Compassionate Saviour, who laid down his life for... YOU!

Prayer......for Mercy in Judgment

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